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Ati Shafik started serving clients with her sugaring expertise in 1986. What started out as word of mouth referrals quickly became a full-fledged business, Cleopatra’s Secret. Cleopatra’s Secret enjoys long-standing relationships with our customers, some of whom have been with us since the beginning.

It all started with traditions and customs in the land of Ati’s birth, EGYPT, when women not only enhanced their beauty with makeup, they treated and conditioned their hair with NATURAL herbs (Henna). Egyptian women completed their beauty treatment by taking care of their skin from head to toe by removing their unwanted body hair.

Ati grew up using what every Egyptian woman used to remove unwanted body hair, a natural depilatory paste. This paste was stiff that required kneading to become soft and pliable to be handled as required. Usually an amount that can be comfortably manipulated with one hand was applied over the part of skin where hair is to be removed. The action required to achieve the best result was to press the paste over the skin with your thumb in a smear motion in the direction of hair growth with the fingers. This action was then repeated over the whole area where hair was to be removed.

The best thing about it was the fact that it was a natural product, but painful to your thumb and hand. By the time you finished kneading the paste, your hand would sometimes blister and your hand muscles would be sore. Human nature also played a role in affecting the product itself. If the climate was hot or humid, or you began to perspire, the product would begin to stretch and return to liquid form which was then impossible to use. Usually this would occur when you still needed product to finish the job of removing hair. You were basically out of luck!

Ati was very happy coming to the United States, the land of new vision and opportunity, but most women shaved and used harsh chemical creams that had a foul odor. In 1973, Ati was living in upstate New York, Cornwall, on the Hudson. Like all American women, she started shaving her legs, underarms, bikini area, tweezing eyebrows, upper lip, chin hair, etc. Before she knew it, she had cut herself or missed areas. The hairs that grew back were coarse, and the skin was dry and irritated. It was a very uncomfortable experience with poor results. Ati noticed that her hair would almost double the amount when it grew back.

Ati’s skin has always been a source of pride, and she believes it should always be soft and silky. Determined to find a solution to the removal of unwanted body hair, she relied on her Bachelors Degree in Home Economics and went to work. Three years later and after a lot of hard work, Ati’s dream came true. CLEOPATRA’S SECRET was born, “The Ultimate in Removing Unwanted Body Hair.” This product is not a WAX-based product. The formula is 100% Natural.

Ati Shafik